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Single or Dual Purposes KAMP AeroPack is being designed and manufactured to provide uniformity in fresh air, temperature and humidity inside the building according to air conditioning Standards. KAMP AeroPack is supplied in 13 different capacities ranged from 4000 - 50000 m3/hwith two different supply and return outlet positions, including Side Outlet (coded as H) and Top Outlet (coded as V). KAMP AeroPacks with an air capacity lower than 16000 m3/h are equipped with Manual/ Auto speed and temperature Control and Smart Control System, while higher capacity is provided by Manual speed and temperature Control or Smart Control System. Return and Fresh air are supplied through manual or motorized KAMP dampers. KAMP AeroPack, equipped with combined structure may be installed on any suitable surface like as a roof or a metal stand outside the building.In KAMP AeroPack cooling and heating capacity may be customized and provided with only one dual purpose (cooling and heating) coil and manual or motorized KAMP dampers for zone temperature control. According to customers' technical specifications and requirements, higher capacities than 50000 m3/h may be designed and manufactured. Regarding to application field, droplets' barrier and tray, different filter type and class, pressure switch and alarm system for operational control of filtration network are also available on request. Superior Advantages respect to similar products: 20%energy savings in Auto Speed Controlling model12000 m3/h Smooth & silent operation due to MDDF Low speed fan, operated by MDDF, max. 600 RPM, up to 12000 m3/h Vibration dampers for all dynamic components Forward Fischbakh Fans, air capacities up to 12000 m3/h Sound Insulators Adjustable stands, anti - vibration Thermal Insulations in all internal compartments

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