"IREX2WORLD", a website with unique design in comparison to other international B2B websites, introduces Iran goods and exports services to the world, by separating target markets. The purpose of this kind of design is to facilitate the access for foreign visitors who are looking for required standards of their countries. Furthermore it provides organized categories for companies related to target region, so finding the information would be really easy. We hope that this design would be satisfactory to all companies and their visitors around the world.

Real reason and targets of global markets division

The design of Irex2world has done according to the global markets division for the first time in the world, and follows main real reasons. Let foreign tradespeople and stuff buyers from Iran-market , select their favorite product from companies including their countries standards and also they are interested in export to them. This design model can avoid aggregating companies in one page and makes all companies seen during stuff check from foreign buyers, according to their interesting zone for export. Site design team and companies can proceed necessary flexibility into design and select their marketing strategies according to each zone people culture and ideas. Present reports of each zone market weakness and potency, potentials and needs according to the recorded orders, feedbacks and earned results in each market to all members.

Main Page

In the site first page, the amount of Iran export to each zone is visible in the inserted time range by click on it, also the amount of Iran export in the same time range is visible under the map divided to that zone country. In this part dear viewers, can click on the favorite zone according to their country-zone and the needed-product to consume in that zone, and they can view the Iranian export companies which have the ability and necessary standards to sell their product to that zone, also they can search their favorite product, and if they want, they can register their order or send message to each company they like.

Irex2World Main Page

Scope Page

Irex2World Scope Page

In each zone page, the active Iranian export companies in it and the related news are visible. There is Search, order register, or send message feasibility for each company. In each group part 4 brand companies are visible, and clicking on each group name, gives active companies in it.

Company Specification Page

Irex2World Company Specification Page

In each Company specific page, the company information like field of activity, information ,products images, and other introduce information to keep contact with company are visible, also there is possible for each company to send message directly.

Product Specification Page

Irex2World Product Specification Page

In this part which is designed for each company products separately, each product related images and specifications with product order register feasibility are available for dear vie.

Order Register

Irex2World Order Register

Viewers and stuff applicants from Iran can register and send their favorite product to check qualified companies, In the order register page, that its link is available on top of site.

Dear viewers must receive their user and pass to register order or send message to available site companies, by the way its possible to do in the least time and with fewest information.

Order Register

Hi-Tech Products Archive

Irex2World Hi-Tech Products Archive

In the hi-tech pro introduce page, the best and newest Iran hi-tech pro are introduced.

News Archive

Irex2World News Archive

Iran last economics news about export according to the target markets and Iran export industries is available in news archive page in addition of show in zones page.

Companies And Products Directory

Irex2World Companies And Products Directory

In this page, the companies and Iran export products information is available for viewers in order to quick review.

Project Social Pages

User Entrance

Irex2World User Entrance

Foreign buyers and Iran tradespeople can manage their recorded orders from user panel and communicate with companies interested in corporation. So it is necessary to enter their user panel after site membership.


Iran Export Company Register

Irex2World Iran Export Company Register
Iran export companies can register their company in site, in 2 ways: free and select packets, and view and manage the company information, products, and their orders from management panel.