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SEE-EAA (Excitation equipment system for 25MW Generator)

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A modern excitation system for 25 MW synchronous generators is designed and manufactured under license of EAA Company. This model of exciter is developed to supply DC energy of the generators utilized for coupling to steam, gas or hydraulic turbines, in any working conditions. Actually this excitation system widely could be used as D.G. (Distributed generation), CHP (combined heat and power) and separate GTG (gas turbine generator) units. This digital excitation regulator is dual-channel configured and each channel is an independent regulation unit based on advanced hardware platform. This system provides all required functions, such as PID regulation and PSS strategy, open-loop and closed-loop control, under and over excitation limiters. In the case of any faults channel change-over takes place bump less. The high reliability needed in an excitation system is achieved via parallel-connected and dual-cabinet operational modes.

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