Turbine Oil Regeneration Systems

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Turbine oil regeneration systems for improving properties and removing chemical pollution (reduces acidity, improves color, improves oxidative stability of RBOT and improves fumigation), water, soluble gases, suspended solids and volatile substances in accordance with standards ASTD D4378 in different capacities, either stationery or on board and mobile are designed and manufactured. The importance of system In power plants, all around the world, fuel, water, steam, wind, sun, … are converted to electricity by using generators and turbines. Turbines are high precision mechanical equipment which are designed especially for each power plant and the health and safety of the operation of turbines is one of the most important indicators in the stability of power generation. Turbine oil is a iubricant from a collection of rotary oils that has special physical and chemical properties so that it can work for a long time under harsh conditions because of the variation in temperature and pressure. This of course, in long term, damages the oil quality. The damages caused to the turbine due to poor quality of the oil can be irreversible, therefore, maintaining the quality of the oil plays an important role in continuously working and extending the life of the turbine. Using Niroonamad’s oil regeneration systems we can recover chemical properties and features of turbine oils Which is destroyed due to the oxidation. By using this system, sustainable power generation in the network can be guaranteed. System Abilities •Reducing the acidity of the oil •Improve stability against oxidation of RBOT oil •Improve oil color •Removing particles •Removal of corrosive sulfur from oil (optional) •Improve oil foaming System Performance Performance and ability of the System is accordance with the standards ASTD D4378 Which is based on the initial acidity 0.2 Mg KOH/g Custom Equipment (Optional) •Trailer •humidity meter •Control room •laboratory equipment •These characteristics are typical of current production and conform to shells specification, variations in these characteristics may occur. System advantages •Recover turbine oil properties on the site •Antioxidant charging online •Knowledge of product base •Conservation of energy resources •Having high economic benefits •Re-use of catalyst more than 300 times •Absence of acidic sludge in this process •Non-use of chemicals •The system being mobile •Lower energy consumption compared to other methods •Fast service to customers on the site •Set up and complete system training •2-year warranty and after-sales services for 15 years
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