Lupe Oil Blending Plant

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Niroonamad lube oil blending plant is a fully or semi-automated batch process and is performed within multiple parallel lines. Each line consists of one additive weighing and mixing vessel and blender, also PLC and SCADA batch control is possible from remote operating station. The feed which is entered to the blending process is base lube oil and it doesn't have the proper characteristics for use in the industry or for use in the automobile. In order to achieve the desired properties, accurate weights of additive are added to the base oil according to the required temperature and time formulation. It should be noted blenders with a specific agitated design are applied to mix additives and base oil. In the final stage, finished lube oil is sent to storage tanks and after that, is transferred to the barrels. Different types of lubricant All types of diesel and petroleum oils, industrial oils, calcium and lithium base lubricants and… in accordance with API standards. Different types of base oil SN 150, SN 350 and SN 500 with group 1 API, group 2, and group 3.
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