Antistatic masterbatches

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Most of polymers as electrical insulation materials have a high ability to absorb static electricity. This property causes problems in the polymer processes, particularly the process of polymeric film production and injectable components. Static electricity is usually created by contacting one layer of polymer over another layer or passing the polymer through processing equipment such as rollers and die, which can lead to serious problems such as: problems in packaging, shipping, warehousing and end-use problems such as opening film layers Dust absorption has a bad effect on the appearance properties Shock when touching the product Reduce production rates Risk of combustion caused by electrical discharge In this regard, antistatic masterbatches produced by Ciba Polymer Kabir are used as an effective solution to overcome electric charges. Ciba Polymer Kabir antistatic masterbatches are capable of dissipating short-term or permanent electrical charge in the polymer. These masterbatches are basically divided into two categories: migratory and non-migratory. Migratory Antistatic Masterbatches migrate to the surface of the sample and form a polar layer via absorbing water from the air and thereby dissipate the static charge. Clearly, this mechanism is dependent on the moisture in the atmosphere and results in faster evacuation of charge in higher humidity. Non-Migratory Antistatic Masterbatches are independent of atmospheric humidity and result in charge dissipation using antistatic agents.

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