Graphite/ Spring/ Metal Seals for Rotary Equipment with Petroleum and Aviation Standards

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These mechanical seals help maintain the integrity of the systems or mechanisms by preventing flow leakage. Leakage is prohibited as it can cause system contamination or pressure drop. In choosing a suitable sealing for a system, operating conditions play a vital role and high pressure, high temperature, corrosive environment, frequent and severe vibrations necessitate using high-efficiency seals. Among the seals designed by ASA Company, spring seals are widely used in sealing the rotary systems due to their reliability, especially in Aviation industry. Through constructive ties with international tech companies, ASA Company has succeeded in manufacturing heat-resistant spring seals using Micro Laser Welding and thus introducing part of the technical knowledge and manufacturing capability into the country for the first time. The unique thermal properties of these bearings result from high mechanical resistance of superalloys such as Inconel and the high resistance of alloys such as Invar against thermal expansion and contraction. The alloys and superalloys used in the aforementioned spring seals facilitate the sealing of the bearing packages in the hot section of the Aviation gas turbines with high reliability. A graphite component performs the main sealing function in the bearing seals while the unique spring structure in these bearings helps improve the sealing mechanism.

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Petroleum and Aviation Standards
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