konja Saffron (Style) Arnika

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konja Saffron (Style)

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Saffron style refers to long strings that are removed from stigma in the harvest season. We categorized style in two groups: konja grade 1: Arnika K 1- long strings of the style, usually collected in the beginning of the harvest season, and they have white and unmixed appearance. konja grade 2: Arnika K 2- shorter strings of the style that are usually mixture of bright yellow and white color. This kind of style has a lower quality in comparison with konja grade 1. Saffron Saffron Co. offers Saffron Cream in the first and second grade cream sauce: The first grade cream Arnika K1: The creamy yogurt that is usually picked up at the beginning of the harvest season and has a white and smooth appearance. Second class cream Arnika K2: Shorter creamy yogurt that is usually mixed in a pale yellow color and has a lower quality than cream. Saffron cream is also packaged by the staff of the production unit and is ordered by the customer. The stages of production range from calcifying the cream to the final packaging under the supervision of quality control inspectors.

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