Wiped Film Evaporators

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is used for distillation, condensation, recovery, stripping and deodorisation of thermally sensitive products. These evaporators are produced to meet your process needs and they are designed, manufactured and supplied with high performance and efficiency and with the best equipment and tools in different designs and types, in single or multipurpose and made out of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, soft steel and glass lined. advantages of Thin Film Evaporators: •the reliable continuous processing of viscous, fouling and soiled liquids •Short residence time. •Very low operation pressure •The low evaporation temperature •Minimizing thermal stress and decomposition of the product •Processing of high viscosity and high melting products without any problem Application of Thin Film Evaporators: •Refinery industries: hydrocarbon, used oil, refinery waste, gas fluids, solvent recovery, amine recovery and waxing. •Chemical industry: purification, separation of solvents and deodorizing. • Food Industry: separation of solvents, deodorizing, purifying, degumming, edible and vegetable oils, extraction, condensation. • Pharmaceutical industries: separation, purification, solvent recovery, drying, extraction. • Polymer and resin industries: purification, deodorizing. Chemical Reactors: This type of reactor or evaporator is used to produce very large amount of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemical drugs and also, heated or thermally heated by chemical reaction to produce massive amounts of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. Different kinds of Chemical Reactors Types of reactors in terms of the phases involved in the reaction: 1. Closed and Cemi-closed Reactors 2. Continuous Reactors 3. Plug Flow Reactors 4. Agitator Reservoir Reactors (CSTR) 5. Fixed Bed Reactor and Fluidized-bed Reactor

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