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Myazist Farayand

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livestock,poultry and aquatic probiotics - prozi(promix,promix plus,proyeast,proinolin,prosel

livestock,poultry and aquatic probiotics

Model : prozi(promix,promix plus,proyeast,proinolin,prosel

Packaging : aluminium foil

Human probiotic supplements -

Human probiotic supplements

Packaging : Capsule-Sachet-Drop

Dairy starter culture - YGTI-KETI-CHTI-PRTI

Dairy starter culture


Packaging : Aluminum foil-Sachet

Standard : ISIRI14094, ISO27205

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CEO :Dr. Fatemeh Tabandeh
Tell phone: +982144787449
Fax :+982144787449
Address: Shahrak-e Pajoohesh National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, km 15, Tehran - Karaj Highway, Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1497716316

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