Medium oil alkyd resin

Model :
LIALKYD M4811 Wx-60
Description :
Structural Specifications Medium oil alkyd resin based on vegetable fatty acids. Technical Specifications Index Amount Non-volatile Material 60 %± 1.5 Acid Value 10 mg koh/g solid Viscosity at 25°C 7000-8000cp (Brockfield Viscometer, Spindle 3) Colour Gardner 5 Max. Oil Length 48% Phthalic anhydride 26% Solvent Type Xylene and White Spirit (7 and 38 respectively) Applications Given its special structure, this product can be used in the following areas: Industrial coatings. Air-dry coatings. Unique finishes. Primers. Functional Specificaions High and durable shininess. Resistant against yellowing. Suitable flow. Resistant against environmental conditions. Quick dry in thick coatings. Usable in different coatings such as floatation, spray paint and flow-coating. Storage Conditions Store one year at 5 and 35 ºC in properly sealed cans. Keep away from direct sunlight. Industrial Safety This product is flammable. Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
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