Namira-10 two-roller rolling machine

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This machine is used for manufacturing bolts with 5 thru 36mm diameter and 0.02mm precision rate . in this machine without closing the work piece and by placing it manually by hand or by robot , between the two truning rollers and enforcing pressure, the profil bar creates and completes the thread. One of the most important capabilities of this machine is the last ridge with hundredth mm precision . this machine is manaufactured in tow types of automatic and semi-automatic,that in each type the amount of force entred onto the bolt,the rollers speed and threading speed can be adjusted though the HMI touch system . This machine has the capability to creat single millimeter and single inch threads and has thread with specific profil bars. For optimizing energy consumption and to increase the capability to control all parts, the HMI toch monitor is used. The remote flaw detector system can be installed up on the custometrs request.

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