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Rectifier 48V 3000W HE

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This product is an Ac to DC telecommunication rectifier with a nominal voltage of 48V and output power of 3KW which is used to supply the power of telecommunication equipment. This product is designed according to soft switch method based on resonant mode considering the smallest practical dimensions. The operating temperature range of this product is -40℃ ~ +70. ℃Making use of a turbo fan, the internal circuits are sufficiently cooled. The efficiency of this product is at least 95.5% which makes it a high efficiency (HE) product. This product is protected against high input voltage, double phase input, output short circuit and it has Hot Plug capability. The output voltage of this product is adjustable in the range of 43.2V ~ 57.6V DC. The controller is responsible for load sharing and standby mode.

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HSE, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018
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