Arnika khatoon saffron

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Negin or Pushali Saffron

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wooden box
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Full Advance Payment
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This box has 3 sizes (2, 4, and 5 grams) keeping valuable and precious saffron inside. The word “Khatoon” is a Persian word, meaning noble and original, used in the past before women`s name representing respect for them. The image of Khatoon on the boxes is a symbol illustrating originality of Iranian saffron and giving value to Arnika word. This image also calls the image of Iranian ladies to mind who have had great and important role in saffron processing from the past up to now. In Arnika Khatoon wooden Box (5 g.), the grade 1- Negin saffron is in a cylindrical crystal container. In addition to saffron, this pack has a small porcelain mortar and teapot making the use of saffron easier for the buyer. Arnika Khatoon wooden Box (4 g.) has two samples one contains just a Khatam container holding Negin, Sargol or Pushali saffron depending on the customer`s choice and the other one has a porcelain mortar in addition to the saffron. Arnika Khatoon wooden Box (2 g.) has a glassy mortar and a crystal container holding Negin saffron.

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