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The KAMP Evaporative SuperCooler is being manufactured in 3 models; Side Outlet (coded as H), Top Outlet (coded as V) and Down Outlet (coded as D) and available in two different air capacities 12000 and 18000 m3/h. In models coded V and D, cooling power is increased noticeably with respect to H models. KAMP Super Cooler may be equipped with 4 types of Control Systems; Manual Speed and Temperature Control, Semi-Smart, Smart and Super Smart Control. KAMP SuperCooler is installed on any suitable surface like as roof, terrace or any other suitable metal stands outside the building. UV-protected Plastomeric external panels and their suitable thickness not only increase the life time but also act as a thermal insulator. Noticeable reduction (8%)in energy consumption in comparison with compression cooling systems (in similar cooling capacity) is one of its superior advantages. Superior Advantages respect to conventional air coolers: Providing Air Conditioning Comfort Parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation at Standard Levels Reducing sound pollutions inside the building 60% increment in evaporation efficiency 2.8 times greater air capacity in the same electrical power as conventional air coolers 40% reduction in water consumption in similar cooling conditions Noticeable reduction in Absolute Humidity inside the building 24% electric power which may be consumed by similar products in the same cooling conditions Noticeable reduction in Tout.db (6 – 7 °C) (Tout.db=Dry Bulb Temperature in the outlet of cooler) Provides reverse operation of Axial Fan and acts as an Exhaust Fan

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