Ferti frost

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Ferti-Frost has a special place among similar products in accordance with its new formula and ingredients. Ferti-Frost increases sugar and amino acid synthesis in cells by preventing growth and photosynthesis. On the other hand, Ferti-Frost makes cell sap more concentrated and increases enzyme antioxidant activities. This product can protect plants against chilling stress by maintaining cell membrane structurally intact. • Enhances plant resistance to cold and chilling stresses in fall, winter and spring. • Stimulates fruit development and flowering. • Promotes quality and quantity of the yield in next growth stage. • Reduces largely the root/shoot ratio which could degrade seedling quality. • Increases chlorophyll amount and photosynthesis. • Prevents alternate bearing. • High yield of products. • Improves buds quality. • Prevents fruit and petal fall.

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1 _ 0 Rial
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1 liter
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100 ton per month
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On consumers demand

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