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Each ml contains active substance: 7 mg of iron in the Liposomal form. Iron deficiency is prevalent in infants and children up to 3 years in developing countries.In this age group, there is a vital need for iron for growth and development of the brain as well as the production of red blood cells.In the long term, iron deficiency can cause problems in physical growth, neural, mental, cognitive and behavioral development and memory of children.Liposofer is an iron drop supplement in wihch iron ions are carried within a phospholipid and sucrose esters of fatty acid membrane and liposomes containing iron are absorbed intact from the intestine. Iron has better stability in the liposomal formulation,since iron within the liposomal structure is easily absorbed through the intestinal wall cells, its absorption and bioavailability is also improved, and due to the lack of direct contact of iron molecules with the gastroinestinal tract, this product does not have the common digestive side effects of iron, its bad taste and staining the teeth. Indication: As a dietary iron supplement to meet the daily needs of iron in infants and children,prevention of iron deficiency and anemia caused by it in children.
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The package contains a 30-ml oral drop with a calibrated dropper and a patient information leaflet.
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