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Filaments (Pushali Saffron) Arnika

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Filaments (Pushali Saffron)

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This kind of saffron contains the red stigmas along with parts of style (the stigmas with a 3-5mm style). Pushali saffron is produced in the beginning of the harvest season. Since there is some style along with red stigma, floral waste is more (about 5-10 percent by weight) in this type of saffron. It is voluminous. So, it is very suitable for packing. On the average, 101 kg of saffron flowers makes 1kg of pushali saffron. Spanish name of Pushali saffron is Mancha. Our pushali products come in three levels of quality: Pushali grade 1 : Arnika P1 – This type of pushali is usually taken selectively from the best flowers. Yellow part (Konga) is very low in this grade. Pushali grade 2: Arnika P2- This type of pushali includes long filaments of stigmas with little yellow part of style. The quality of this type of pushali grade 2 is less than Pushali grade 1 (negin). Pushali grade 3: Arnika P3 – Pushali grade 3 includes filaments of stigmas with a little longer yellow parts, and it includes some broken filaments.

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