Tall Gift Arnika Saffron

Model :
pushali grade 1 saffron
Description :
Tall Gift Arnika is one of the most special and shapely packages of Kian Toos Saffron Co. Although this package has its own fans in Iran, the main reason for its production is to supply the needs of export market. This package contains 4 grams of pushali grade 1 saffron. There is a standing crystal-like jar through which saffron is kept. This jar is placed inside a printed box. The use of gold ribbon texture has given special effect to this kind of packaging. Six boxes that contain Tall Gift Arnika are located in a bigger box called “mother box”. Production of Tall Gift Arnika Saffron After quality control unit confirms the appearance and quality of pushali grade 1 saffron, sorting and cleaning process will be done on it. Then, saffron is weighed and put inside crystal-like jars. Each jar which contains saffron is put inside a special box which is decorated with a gold ribbon texture. All the packing processes are controlled by quality control inspectors. Arnika Kian Toos Co, offers this package as a special gift to its tasty customers . Each piece is placed inside a box of its own, numbered 6 in each box.
Packaging :
This package contains 4 grams of pushali grade 1 saffron.
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Production power :

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