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According to factory standards, KAMP ChillerPacks are air cooled type and being supplied in an extensive range of cooling capacity from 24000 up to 1080000 Btu/h. Capacities lower than 36000 Btu/h are supplied as single stage (one compression cooling circuit) while in higher capacity, stage numbers may be increased to four. KAMP ChillerPacks may be provided as a single unit or as separated into more units. All types of KAMPChillerPacks are being supplied only with KAMP Special Control System. KAMP ChillerPacks are installed on any suitable surface like as roof, basement, inside and outside of the building.Higher cooling capacity than 1080000 Btu/h aredesigned and manufactured according to clients' technical specifications. KAMPChillerPack is adaptable to any type of Fan Coils (ducted, wall hanged and standing type), any type of Air Handling Unit and KAMP AeroPack. All types of KAMPChillerPack may be supplied as Water cooled, on request. Regarding to very extensive Air Conditioning requirements and applications, KAMPUnitPacks may be customized according to clients' technical orders considering all relevant standards.

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