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Powdery Dayana Saffron

Model :

Powdered saffron

Description :

Powdery Dayana This package is presented in 3 small jar: • Net weight : 1.5 gr Saffron used in this package is ” Sargol”. 10 numbers of Powdery Dayana are put on a stand in all of the big, medium, and small sizes. According to the kind of the package, this product is in a good price for consumers. Production of Powdery Dayana First, the quality control unit of Kian Toos Saffron Co. confirms the quality of “Sargol saffron” after doing the necessary experiments. After sorting processes, the packages are packed and weighed in different weights (big, medium, and small). Quality control unit controls all the weighing and packing processes.

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Packaging :
Net weight : 1.5 gr Content :12 numbers
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