Alumina Grinding Balls (BA92) and liners (LA92)

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Currently ball mills make up the essential element in the material preparation process in a variety of industries including tiles and ceramics, porcelain, glazing, pigment, cement and pulverization. However, in all industrial ball mills, corrosion and wear on the balls and the body of ball mill have always been caused as a great problem, and where the materials to be ground are sensitive to iron contamination, the problem becomes more pronounced. On the other hand, Alumina Grinding Balls, the main constituents in the process of wear on materials, are exceptionally important in these mills performance; hence, in view of the above, the alumina balls and the liners of the A.I.C with the following characteristics have greatly contributed to efficiency of ball mills: An exceptionally high degree of hardness and resistance to wear. High compressive strength. Zero water absorption and porosity. High density alumina balls resulting in reduction of ball mill rotation time. Absence of undesirable impurities in the composition of materials to be ground. Reduced energy consumption for the above reasons.
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