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KAMPAir Cooled SubUniPack is similar to ducted split in operation while the indoor unit (evaporator) is installed inside the outdoor unit. KAMP SubUniPacks have been designed and manufactured in 5 different cooling capacities from 24000 up to 60000 Btu/h each may be a Single/Double stage.This unitis installed beneath the terrace ceiling via special chassis and connected directly to the buildings' main supply and return ducts without any elbow. KAMPSubUniPacks is controlled only bySpecial Control System. Return and Fresh Air Dampers are made of Aluminum Profiles cross sections (unique and special design) and operated manually or automatically, on request. Eliminator and its tray, V type and/or Emer (Fiber) glass filters, pressure switch and alarm system are also available for operational control of filtration Network, on request. Important Note:KAMPSubUniPacks may be customized as a dual purposes HVAC unit Superior Advantages respect to ducted split: Providing all necessary HVAC standards 10% reduction in energy consumption Smooth and nearly silent operation of compressor Condensers' low speed fans (600 – 900 RPM), low noise, protection degree IP54 External panels equipped with sound and thermal insulators Vibration dampers for all dynamic components Single forward centrifugal fischbakh fan with air capacity up to 5000 m3/h Evaporator (DX Coil) Elastomeric insulators (EPDM) for evaporator and all refrigerant carrying tubes

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