Wear Resistance Liners

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In various industries such as steel, iron and mining, especially in industries processing feedstock, wear and corrosion on equipment is a major and costly challenge and that repair or replacement of damaged equipment involves shutdown of the production process and raises maintenance costs. Hence, using protective coating of various materials has always been a systematic solution. Using hardened metals, especially wear resistance liners reduce the costs and prolongs shutdown intervals in a great number of cases. However, in humid environments, exposure to corrosive chemicals, passage of very hard materials and elevated working temperatures, using hard metals have been seriously challenged. While wear resistance ceramics, especially high alumina liners LA92, gives their unique mechanical properties can be used as suitable replacements for hard metals under the above conditions. The following properties have caused industrial ceramics to be used widely today in various industries such as steel, iron, mining, cement, pulverization, etc: A very high degree of hardness. Neutrality and absence of reaction with various chemicals, involving acids and alkaline. Lower density than that of metals, resulting in lower load on equipment. Easier installation, using a variety of ways (gluing, welding and bolting). Absence phase of deformation and maintenance of mechanical properties in elevated temperatures. Easier and less costly repairs and maintenance. Reasonable prices
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