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Single purpose (cooling) KAMP UnitPacks (Rooftops) is being supplied as a single unit or as separated into more units and their cooling capacity are ranged from 24000 up to 1080000 Btu/h. Capacities lower than 36000 Btu/h may be supplied with only one compressor (single stage) while in higher capacity, stage numbers may be increased to four. KAMPUnitPacks are being designed and manufactured in two models; Side Outlet (coded as H) and Top Outlet (coded as V). KAMPUnitPacks in all capacities are equipped only with Special Control System. KAMPUnitPacks may be installed on any suitable surface like as a roof or a metal stand outside the building.KAMPUnitPacks, according to clients' technical requests such as cooling capacity, type and brand of components and so on, may be customized. Plain or combined damper (whether manual or auto) is used to change operational mode from summer to winter or vice versa. Droplets' barrier and tray, different filter type and class, pressure switch and alarm system are also available for operational control of filtration Network, on request. Regarding to extensive air conditioning requirements and applications, the KAMPUnitPack may be customized according to clients' technical orders considering all relevant standards. Important Note:KAMP SubChillers may be customized as a dual purposes HVAC unit Superior Advantages respect to similar products: Providing all necessary HVAC standards 20% reduction in energy Tailored volume and overall dimensions Smooth and nearly silent operation of compressor Condensers' low speed fans (600 – 900 RPM), low noise, protection degree IP54 External panels equipped with sound and thermal insulators Vibration dampers for all dynamic components Single forward centrifugal fischbakh fan with air capacity up to 12000 m3/h Evaporator (Plate type Heat Exchanger or DX Coil) Elastomeric insulators (EPDM) for evaporator and all refrigerant carrying tubes

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