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One of the most important effective factors in the growth rate of broiler poultry is the dietary energy level. Therefore, broiler farm managers attempt to feed their poultry by high energy diets to raise higher weight chickens by lower conversion factor. So nowadays, fat supplements are considered as one of the main components of broiler poultry diets.As the findings of several studies have shown, although less dietary ME is required for laying hen, existence of enough amount of fat supplement is inevitable for providing essential fatty acids of the diets such as α-linoleic, because of the effects of these nutrients on egg weight and size. For the large number of poultry farm managers there are some restrictions for using liquid fat supplement (oils and fatty acids) to the diets, including oils spill, high risk of spoiling, requirement of using individual or special tanker, and mixing difficulty with the other components of the diet.BNJ is a powdered dietary fat supplement for poultry, produced and provided from organic fat sources containing the best ratios of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which, in addition to providing enough affordable energy and essential fatty acids, also could be mixed with dietary components easily, does not need storage tank and could store for longer time.This product, also has another unique feature, soy lecithin is another remarkable merits of BNJ which leads to the maximum digestion and improve quality of the product.

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