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Khatam Blister Arnika

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Negin Saffron

Description :

Arnika Kian Toos Co. is proud to present Khatam Blister Arnika in two sizes of medium and small with different weights: Medium size: 1 gr Small size:0.5 gr The saffron used in this package is Negin. Khatam Blister Arnika (in both medium and small sizes) is presented in stylish boxes. Each box contains 12 numbers of Khatam Arnika Blister. The mother box of this package is designed in a way that after opening the box and folding on the marked lines, logo is displayed beautifully and this gives a beautiful view to this package. Production of Khatam Blister Arnika First, the quality control unit confirms the quality of Negin. Then, saffron is weighed in different weights (medium and small) after sorting process. All of the work process of weighing and packing Khatam Blister Arnika is controlled by quality control unit in order to produce a good quality product. Large size: 1 g Small size: 0.5 g Saffron is used in this type of "Negin" packaging.

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Medium size: 1 gr Small size:0.5 gr
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