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Multi Package Kian Pars, with the capability of producing cold air, hot and hot water, is a very convenient option with the lowest level of occupancy of the bed, in the position of the terrace or roof bed, in addition to the removal of the intubation (the connection between the wall-mounted radiant package, and Or engine room, or air-conditioning system, or radiators), with the minimum initial investment, the provision of Cold-Heat-Ventilation and Air-Replacing, in a building. 1- Optimal energy consumption, clean air production, supply of indicators of temperature, humidity, ventilation and air change, internal temperature; 2. Automatic control of the capacity of the air conditioner; Prioritizing the sanitary renovation of the building in winter; 3- Incorporating FOC and PFC inverters; To reduce power consumption, as well as to control the capacity and temperature with a precision of 0.1 C, in 36 steps capacity. 4. Define multiple doors to facilitate and access all parts of the machine. 5. Define outlet openings and air inlets in different positions. On the ceiling and the side panel to remove additional channels. 6-Decrease the cost of maintenance, maintenance and repair, reduce the sound level, due to the use of fans. Yshbakh (non Foley, belts and bearings) 7 has an automatic washing system, to extend the life of evaporative panels (cellulose pads) at least 4 years 6-Decrease of depreciation, maintenance and repair, reduction of sound level, due to the use of Fischbach fans (without foli, straps and bearings); 7. Automatic washing system for increasing the life span of cell panels (cellulose pads) to at least 4 Year 8 - Fischbach Electric Brushless Supermenet (Low Power, Low Power and Powerful) Electromotor 9 - Water Curtain, Water Network, Aluminum Structures, and Elastic Insulation 10 - Super Intelligent Thermostat, Touch Screen with LCD Display and System capacity linear control and programmable 11-High performance magnetically immersed water pumps (water pump and discharge pump) with minimum Burn Symptoms in Evapotranspiration Systems 12-Pressure sensor for controlling the function of the water spin pump, and the water supply network and the distribution network for the internal water flow in evaporative systems Preventing the burn of the pump and preventing the entry of warm air into the indoor environment. 13. Repeated system, in the case of defective water intake

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