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Triple-Source Desk Thermal Evaporator

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The DTT is a desk top, turbomolecular-pumped thermal evaporator for vacuum deposition of thin films. The triple-source evaporation with evaporation source (boat / basket / coil) selection system is ideal for deposition of multilayers or alloys. This vacuum evaporation system with its suitable dimensions is capable of reaching the desired pressure in a short time and coating process can take place within a few minutes. It is suitable for research, laboratory and electron microscopy applications. DTT Features Multi-layer thermal coatings Large format chamber High vacuum turbo pump 300 l/s Diaphragm backing pump Full range vacuum gauge Evaporation source (boat / basket / coil) selection for multilayer thin film deposition Co – evaporation to form alloy films Quartz crystal monitoring system for real time thickness measurement (1 nm precision) Manual or automatic Timed and Thickness deposition Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input User friendly software that can be updated via network Equipped with electronic shutter Equipped with rotary sample holder 500 °C irradiative substrate heater two-year warranty

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35000 _ 0 Dollar
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Wheeled Metal Case
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