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Single purpose KAMP SuperPacks (Multi Step Evaporative Cooling) are being manufactured in two models; Side Outlet (coded as H) and Top Outlet (coded as V) and available in 5 different air capacity ranged from 8000 up to 50000 m3/h. KAMP SuperPack may be equipped with 4 types of Control Systems; Manual Speed and Temperature Control, Semi-Smart, Smart and Super Smart Control System. KAMP SuperPack is installed on any suitable surface like as a roof or a metal stand outside the building. Combined Cooling Pads (Polymeric and Cellulose) cause evaporation efficiency increment up to %97, because of the homogenous shape of Cooling Pads which result uniform evaporation. Supplying conditioned air with low energy (0.12 electric power which is consumed by compression cooling systems) is one of KAMP SuperPacks' superior advantages. Plain or combined damper(s), whether manual or motorized), different filter type and class, pressure switch and alarm system for operational control of filtration Network, are also available on request
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