Potentiostat-Galvanostat-Impedance Analyzer

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Radstat 10
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The Radstat 10 is an innovative affordable high performance potentiostat-galvanostat-impedance analyzer which enables electrochemical studies and research for low price but still at maximum rate of precision. The Radstat 10 provides a frequency range from 100 μHz to 50 KHz , a maximum output voltage of ±8V and a current compliance of ±30mA .The minimum current resolution of 1pA guaranties the highest possible sensitivity during electrochemical studies by Radstat 10. The Radstat 10 can be used successfully for a wide range of electrochemical applications , from biosensors and biotechnology to analytical electrochemistry and corrosion. The Radstat 10 is capable of all standard electrochemical techniques and includes the sophisticated PGISoft control and data processing software. Supported Techniques : 1. Linear Sweep Voltammetry 2. Cyclic Voltammetry 3. ChronoAmperometry 4. ChronoPotentiometry 5. Potentiometry (OCP) 6. Amperometric Detection 7. Multistep Amperometry 8. Multistep Potentiometry 9. Differential Pulse 10. Square Wave 11. Normal Pulse Voltammetry 12. AC Voltammetry 13. AC Detection 14- Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (Constant E, Potential Scan)
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