Solvent Recovery Systems

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Design and manufacturing of recovery systems for solvents including hexane, alcohol, acetone, ketones, toluene, xylene, methanol, Freon, and others. Advantages of Solvent Recovery * Minimizing disposal costs, fresh chemical purchases and storage costs * Protecting environment * Reduction of emissions and the impact of them in surrounding community * Reduction of manufacturing waste. Solvent recovery system acts like a two sided blade, on one side it helps to save the environment and at the same time, it saves money. Before re-refining system was introduced, most things like used oil which is very harmful to environment and contains many other chemicals (additives( some of these solvents are very expensive to obtain, not only in terms of money but also in terms of polluting the environment when being produced)) were normally entered the rivers,oceans etc. Today, we use solvent recovery system to separate those solvents and re-use them again. Therefore, not only we no longer impact the environment with more dangerous chemicals, but also we no longer need to buy new patches of solvent and hence save a lot of money.
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