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Cut Filaments (Sargol Saffron)

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Cut Filaments (Sargol Saffron)

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This kind of saffron is pure and contains the stigma without the style. 1 kg of Sargol Saffron can be achieved from the range of 110-115 kg of saffron flowers. This kind of saffron is placed in Category I in ISO 3632, and the quality of this saffron is really high. This kind of saffron is known as “Cope saffron” in Spain. Our Sargol saffron is divided into two groups: Sargol saffron grade1 ( top quality): Arnika A1 – This kind of saffron includes complete filaments with no broken parts. The broken parts are removed from it. Sargol saffron grade2: Arnika A2- The complete filaments are mixed with some broken parts. Our saffron is classified into two groups: Arnika A1 grade sorghum saffron: This type contains healthy saffron sponge without broken particles and has the highest quality. Saffron of the second grade Arnika A2: In this type, with healthy claws, there is also a part of broken saffron sprouts

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