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Aria Couple 1196 (PE-g-MA)

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25 Kg Bag
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Full Advance Payment
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Aria Polymer PP Coupling Agent (PP Compatibilizer or maleated PP), known as Aria Couple PP-g-MA is a maleic anhydride functionalized polypropylene. It has been primarily designed to act as a compatibilizer between PP and polar components such as talc, , wood flour, glass fiber, starch, etc.

The functionalization of PP by maleic anhydride is an effective way to increase the polarity of polypropylene in order to enhance its tendency to polar materials so that we can improve properties of polypropylene compounds.

Indeed, Aria Couple facilitates the blending of polymers with different polarities or different viscosities. Also, it is suitable for improving compatibility between two polymers and achieving optimum properties of blending.

Polypropylene is one of the most important thermoplastics in the polymer industry. It plays an important role among the other polymers due to its versatile and broad range of applications. It is extensively used in a wide range of applications including packaging, home appliances, medical equipment, automotive parts, etc. One of the most prominent advantages of PP is its ability to achieve a variety of properties when compounded by various additives. Some of these additives and their properties are as follows:

  • Adding a reinforcement agent such as glass fiber (GF) improves the mechanical properties like dimensional  and thermal stability and increases the tensile modulus;
  • Adding fillers such as talc and reduces the cost of polypropylene compounds;
  • Adding polar polymers such as nylon increases stiffness, permeability, thermal stability and paintability of polypropylene;
  • Adding special additives such as , makes PP flame retardant.

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