Oil Industry Activists Advised to Choose Arvand FZ for World Market Access

Oil Industry Activists Advised to Choose Arvand FZ for World Market Access

TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade, Industrial and Special Economic Zones, Akbar Torkan, says Arvand Free Zone is the optimal spot for access to world markets.

"Kish is a suitable place for activity of the economic activists if they only think of business in the domestic market; however, if they are targeting the world markets, Arvand Free Zone is the most suitable zone for the purpose. Domestic market has a group of demands, which are limited; so, one should not overlook other markets, like Iraq market," Torkan, who is also senior presidential advisor, told members of the Board of Directors of the Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers (IPIEM).

Torkan, enumerating diversified advantages of free zones for attraction of investment, made the remark in response to the call of the IPIEM members who wished to be provided with a location in Kish Free Trade Zone to setup an office for attraction of foreign investment.

The IPIEM has put on agenda maximum use of the post-sanction conditions and invited Torkan to be informed of their demand to ease economic activities and establishment of an institution for attraction of foreign investment in Kish Island south of Iran.

The Society had already held meetings with deputies Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade for the sake of facilitation of business in their related field of profession. They wished to know how the oil industry activists can have a share in domestic equipment to commission the oil and gas projects.


SOURCE: Farsnews

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