Iran’s Auto Output Up 50%

Iran’s Auto Output Up 50%

Iran’s auto industry production observed a 53.6% jump in the Iranian month ending Sept. 21 year-on-year.

During the period, Iranian auto manufacturers produced 93,515 units that mark a significant rise compared with the production rate in the same period of last year, which was 61,220 units.

According to ISNA, 85,880 passenger cars were produced by all companies, marking a 56.9% growth year-on-year.

Production of pickup trucks, which is the second largest auto sector while not as fast growing as Iran’s car industry, observed a significant growth as well.

During the period, Iranian automakers produced 6,282 pickup trucks, which is1,085 units more than the production rate in the same period of last year.

Pickup trucks were followed by heavy vehicles and trucks in terms of units produced during this period.

Major Iranian heavy vehicle manufacturers like Oghab Afshan, Mammut Diesel and subsidiaries of SAIPA and Iran Khodro, namely SAIPA Diesel and Iran Khodro Diesel, announced a 39.7% rise in the same month year-on-year.

Although having a meager share in the country’s auto industry, the production of 154 minibuses and buses also observed a 46% rise during the period.

According to the same report, the country’s auto production rose 15.6% during the first six months of the current Iranian year (started March 20).

During this period, 579,776 units were produced, of which 92% were passenger vehicles.



SOURFCE : financialtribune

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