Plenty intl. shipping lines return to Iranian ports

Plenty intl. shipping lines return to Iranian ports

TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) – A PMO official announced that 14 international shipping lines have resumed activities in Iranian ports while eight more liners are eager to return to Iran.

Deputy Managing Director for Port Affairs of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Jalil Eslami pointed to willingness of giant shipping lines to establish presence in Iranian ports saying “a total of 22 international liners were active in Iran before sanctions were imposed while 14 of them have resumed their activities in recent months and eight more have voiced readiness to do so.”

The official went on to add that international shipping companies halted their interaction with Iranian ports once sanctions were enforced though ground are prepared now for their return given that sanctions have ended.

“Currently, the 14 international shipping lines attach great importance to Shahid Rejaei and Bandar Abbas ports,” he continued.

Eslami underscored that presence of international liners in Iranian ports will provide exporters and importers with a wider variety of options as well as assisting them to trade goods with more reasonable prices in a competitive atmosphere.

“A further advantage is the alleviation of the need to transfer Iranian goods to ports of neighboring states which would lead to a reduction of extra costs.”

The PMO deputy managing director said the activity of foreign shipping lines gives credit the country for indicating that Iran is a safe place which offers proper trade conditions.

Jalil Eslami, however, called for creation of necessary business infrastructure as a way to attract more shipping lines as well as to boost their eagerness.

“Quite a number the international shipping lines present in Iranian ports are world’s high-ranking liners including Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) and Evergreen Line.



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