Iran among 5 greatest sturgeon producers

Iran among 5 greatest sturgeon producers

RASHT, Sep. 05 (MNA) – Aquaculture deputy of Iran’s Fisheries Organization has said sturgeon production has surged in recent years, reviving hopes of a better place for Iran among caviar producers worldwide.

Rasht hosted on Monday an international conference Prospects of Aquaculture and Caviar Production, organized by Gilan University, Iran’s Fisheries Organization, and World Sturgeon Conservation Society. The conference addressed the latest findings in biology, ecology, physiology and biochemistry, health and prevention of diseases, product related technologies, and other sciences related to aquaculture.

Hosseinali Abdolhai addressed the conference as a keynote speaker where he gave a positive prospect of the aquaculture of sturgeon in the country; “country had been engaged in improved activities to boost aquaculture production, notably in northern provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran,” he added. “The largest aquaculture farm produces 30 tons of sturgeon. Other active companies are also renowned in global scale and compete for the honor of the best producer of caviar.”

“Sturgeon species are diverse and 300,000 beluga are currently grown in country’s aquaculture pools which provides an asset for the industry,” Abdolhai told the conference. “Russia has untapped markets for Iran’s sturgeon. With decline in production of native sturgeon, now they are the best markets for our sturgeons.”


Source: ISNA

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