Iran's home appliance industry can expand $300 million

Iran's home appliance industry can expand $300 million

 Top advisor in Iran's Association of Household Appliance Industry said on Wednesday that the industry saved $250 million in the last year and a half by enlarging domestic manufacturing and that the amount can increase to $300 million this year.


Abbas Hashemi told IRNA's economic correspondent that the deepening of domestic manufacturing was a strategy followed up by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and also the industrial associations and NGOs.

Iran's parts manufacturing industry has a high capacity in producing parts for electromotors, fans, evaporators, condensers and compressors and annually exports $230 million to $240 million of products, according to Hashemi.

He also said that everything, including human resources, policies and all raw materials, is ready and a good management is required to improve the industry.



source : irna