Iran’s steel production increases by 30% in 2019: WSA

Iran’s steel production increases by 30% in 2019: WSA

According to a report released by the World Steel Association (WSA), Iran’s crude steel production increased by 30 percent in 2019 while the average global growth in this sector stood at 3.5 percent.


Based on the report, Iran produced 31.9 million tons of crude steel during 2019 compared to the last year’s nearly 24 million tons.

Crude steel production in the world has risen 3.5 percent to reach 1.848 billion tons in 2019 and China was the world’s top steel producer in 2019, with 996.3 million tons of production, according to WSA.

Previously, WSA announced that Iran’s steel production was at 23.648 million tons in the eleven-month period of 2019, rising 5.3 percent from 22.452 million tons in the same time span of the previous year.

According to the officials, Iran’s annual steel production is planned to reach 45 million tons by the Iranian calendar year 1400 (March 2021-March 2022).



source : mehrnews

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