Iran exporting radio medicines to 15 countries

Iran exporting radio medicines to 15 countries

Tehran, Nov 11, IRNA – Special Assistant to the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali-Asghar Zarean said on Monday that Iran exports the excess of its radio medicine products to 15 countries.



Ali-Asghar Zarean said the AEOI produces radio medicines for diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.


Zarean said that about one million Iranians use these medicines each year.


He said that the sanctions have had no effects on production of such medicines in Iran, adding that under sanctions, Iran became more determined to remove all the obstacles in the way of producing such medicines.


He said that laser technology is of great importance and that Iran is trying hard in that field so that the country wouldn’t have any problems in the area, either.



source : irna

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