Leather products, Iran’s top priority in Iraqi market

Leather products, Iran’s top priority in Iraqi market

TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – Iran Commercial Envoy to Iraq Naser Behzad said on Wed. that production of leather footwear and jackets is of Iran’s prioritized capacities in neighboring Iraqi market.



He made the remark on the sideline of his visit to a leather production factory in Iraq and maintained, “considering the cheap price of hide in Iraq, various leather products such as shoes, coats, hats, etc. are produced with maximum 30 percent capacity of production lines under the strict supervision of Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Trade.”

However, given the future policies of Iraqi government, production of all kinds of military footwear and jackets is a priority at the current situation, he observed.

Due to the existence of some part of Iraqi resources for the production of footwear, transferring technical knowhow and taking advantage of labor force of the two countries to set up and use vacant production capacity in Iraq are of the important means of cooperation for the sustainable participation of active Iranian companies in Iraqi market, he observed.

Turning to the marketing of the mentioned products, he said, “two important pillars include joint marketing and re-export which can be taken into consideration by economic activists. With the coordination made in this regard with the head of Arab Leather Union in Iraq, the possibility of production and transfer of products with the quality of Iranian leather products to other target markets will pave suitable ways for activation of supply chain and export of footwear and jacket.”

An Exhibition of Marketing and Export of Iranian Products was inaugurated in Iraq on Jan. 21.


source : mehrnews

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