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Aria Couple 1946 (TPE-g-MA)

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25 Kg Bag
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:Maleated TPE (Aria Couple TPE-g-MA)

Aria couple is a TPE grafted (TPE Compatibilizer or Maleated TPE) by maleic anhydride which can react with the end groups of each nylon to form graft copolymer, and acts as a compatibilizer helping distribution of elastomeric phase in the thermoplastic phase and to strengthen the PA-TPE interface. Aria Couple increases the impact strength of Nylon samples due to its maleic anhydride functionalized TPE. Aria Couple can also act as a coupling agent in filled polyamide compounds with high mechanical properties

The general specifications of this product include:

  • Functioning as a high efficiency impact modifier at ambient and low transition temperature for nylons.
  • Having polar functional groups on its structure can easily be absorbed by polyamide during mixing with providing optimum process ability.
  • Having no restrictions on using for different polyamide grades.
  • Functioning as a coupling agent between reinforcing materials such as glass fibers (GF) or mineral fillers and polyamide to achieve superior mechanical properties.

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