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Aria Film & Packaging Adhesive is a PE-g-MA concentrate as a tie layer adhesive. It is a functional polyolefin used in multi-layer packaging films or paper laminating to promote the adhesion quality between non-compatible layers with different polarity in a structure.

PE and PP are typical plastics used in packaging industry. They attract manufacturers’ attention due to their advantages. However, incomplete barrier performance and high oxygen diffusion restrict their applications. They also show poor protection of sensitive food and beverages. Thus these films should be combined with polar materials (PET, PA, EVOH, paper and aluminum sheets) to provide ideal multilayered structure containers.

The gas barrier ability (oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture) is resulted by combination of polar and non-polar layers in:

  • Rigid and flexible 5-layer films for food protection.
  • Carton packaging (paper/aluminum) for keeping beverages for long time.

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