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Collagen Matrix Dressing

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As a consequence of the skin defensive barriers loss and the presence of inflammatory cytokines in the wound site, the injured and deep tissues become highly irritable and sensitive. Therefore, the use of raw materials that have the highest quality, the lowest allergenicity and also prevents any damages to deep tissues is an essential principle. To this end, researchers at Teba Zist Polymer represent TEBADERM, after examination a large number of cases and performing various experiments. treetta products are based on biocompatible polymers that are highly adapted to the human body. The TEBADERM Collagen Matrix Dressing that is composed of biopolymers has a structure similar to the extracellular matrix and the natural environment of the cells, thus creates natural-stress-free conditions ideal for the cells to repair the wound. Features and benefits: - Re-epithelization effects - Enhancement of autolytic debridement - Protein synthesis and ECM deposition - Effect on angiogenesis - Exudate management - Anti-microbial effects - Anti-inflammatory effects - Analgesic effect - Scarring reduction - No damage and no pain in wound dress replacement Medical Uses: - Infected wounds - Diabetic ulcers - Pressure ulcers - First and second-degree burns - Acute and chronic exudate ulcers - Surgical wounds

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ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP and FDA QSR 21 CFR 820 (cGMP).
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