Hydraulic/ Pneumatic/ Mechanical Cast Products with Petroleum and Aviation Standards

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Despite the significant technical advances in the metal casting as one of the most common methods of manufacturing industrial parts, there are still many challenges in some specific cases. Examples include the highly sophisticated parts with complex shapes or internal channels. For example, in the effort to cast parts with complex shapes and parts whose geometric constraints limit the manufacturing method, the necessity of computer simulations should be emphasized. The other case includes pneumatic / hydraulic equipment with internal channels that cannot simply be manufactured through machining; instead, they are produced employing core or filler in the casting process. The production of such hydraulic / pneumatic blocks for aviation applications requires the use of special alloys to provide parts that are both light-weight and are characterized by high mechanical properties. These alloys include A356 aluminum alloy or the aviation widely used Elektron magnesium alloys, which involve a very complex casting due to presence of rare earth elements. In making the aforementioned equipment, due to the existence of very thin walls between the fluid passageways and the possibility of fluid leakage in the presence of any defects and discontinuities, Grade A of ASTM E155 standard should be followed so that the flaws specified be avoided. In this regard, ASA Company made the financial investments and conducted a coherent R&D and cooperated with reputable international companies, finally succeeded in localizing and transferring part of the technical knowledge and manufacturing capability from foreign companies. Throughout, ASA Company has emphasized on producing cast parts with Grade A discontinuity level, thus eliminating any possible defects.

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