Modified Co-polymeric Mortar

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>>Description: MCM is a ready mix cement-based mortar with proper granulation and no contraction, having a considerable adhesion to subgrade surfaces considering the activating Co-polymers used in its production. It has improved compressive resistance. This product conforms to the following standards: ASTM C1583- ASTM C39- ASTM C191 ASTM C928-05 /BS EN 12637-3 / DIN EN 1504-1 DIN EN 15184 /DIN EN 15183 Properties: 1- Improved adhesion to all types of construction materials e.g. concrete, plaster, bricks etc. 2- Of the same color as that of concrete 3- Free from contraction 4- Resistant to freezing- thawing cycles 5- Facilitated application Uses: 1- Filling Ceramic joints 2- Repairing of cracks and breakage 3- Leveling of surfaces 4- Filling concrete uneven areas , pores and pits 5- Floors and walls underlayment before the placement of new covering Dosage Depending the on porosity and unevenness of target surfaces, 2-3 Kg of MCM is required to cover an area of one (1) sq. at a thickness of 1mm. Directions of Use: 1-First, the subgrade surface shall be cleaned and made free from any grease, dust, loose particles etc. Put 3 unit volumes of MCM powder with one (1) unit volume of water in a stirring system to create a homogenous paste (drills may be utilized for this purpose).First moisten the subgrade surface and afterwards apply the prepared paste to the surface with a scraper or a trowel. Keep in mind that the volume of the material to be mixed with water should be just sufficient to be used within 20 minutes, maintenance of the moisture of repaired sections for a period of 48 hours is a must. To complete hydration process it is a must to keep the repaired sections wet for a period of 24 hours. Considerations: - Shelf life: 12 months in original package. - Storage: Away from humidity and damp surfaces and direct sunlight. Optimum storage temperature: 15-25 °C - Packaging: 20 Kg sacks technicalSpecifactions: - Color: grey - Physical state: powder - Cl : none - Solubility: in water - Specific gravity: 1.4 gr/ cm3 >> Packaging: Bags: 5, 10, 20 kg >>Safety: This substance is not in the danger area, but when working with all chemicals it is better to use gloves and safety equipment. In case of contact with skin, eyes and / or penetration into the mouth immediately wash with water

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ASTM C1583, ASTM C39, ASTM C191, ASTM C928-05, BS EN 12637-3, DIN EN 1504-1
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