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>>Description: NANO-PROOF 328 is a kind of sealing materials chemically based on Nano silicones which makes structural sections resistant to the penetration of water and diffusion of dust and atmospheric fumes by penetration into capillaries of the structural sections and elimination of surface absorption. Application of this agent brings no deformity or change of color. It is supplied as water- based products. >>Standards: The products conforms to the following standards, ASTM E514t, ASTM C672/C672M-03 ASTM D6489-99 NCHRP 244 >>Consumption: 1- Resistant to humidity and atmospheric fumes. 2- Highly resistant to Cl and other corrosive chemicals 3- Resistant to sunlight 4- Protecting the color of target surfaces 5- Protecting and preventing from discoloration of the materials used in façade. 6- Greater stability at the receiving surface and a long service life. 7- Washable 8- Making the receiving surface dustproof and antique 9- Making the receiving surface self-cleaning after a rainfall >>Application NANO-PROOF 328 should be applied to completely clean surfaces, free from grease and dust. To apply the product, you may make use of spraying gun or painting brush. Note: Apply two coats of NANO-PROOF 328 in case the receiving surface is highly absorbent. NANO-PROOF 328 is needed at a rate of 200-300 gr/ 1m2 depending on the type of surface and its absorbency. >>Physical and Chemical Specifications: Color Colorless Water solubility Yes Specific gravity 0.01 Cl None PH 8 Minimum Application temperature 5 C >>Packaging: Gallon: 5, 10, 20 kg >>Maintenance: Keep out of moisture in cool and dry place (10-30o C) >>Safety: This substance is not in the danger area, but when working with all chemicals it is better to use gloves and safety equipment. In case of contact with skin, eyes and / or penetration into the mouth immediately wash with water.
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ASTM E514t, ASTM C672/C672M-03 ASTM D6489-99 NCHRP 244
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