RM6 with Metering

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GIS – Metering Ring Main Unit is an cutting edge of Ring Main Unit engineering medium voltage switchgear . This product is contained within an inner enclosure inside the IP54 steel cabinet and it has a high reliability and wide applications in electrical distribution systems. All the live parts and switching functions are insulated with SF6 gas and sealed in a stainless steel tank ensuring high level of reliability and personal safety. GIS – Metering RMU is a combination of vacuum circuit breakers or load breaker switches. Mean while it is possible to use other configurations depending on the application. A wide selection of product derivations including extensible ring switches and insulated metering units can be coupled directly to from multiple panel switch boards. 1.Various configurations depending on the application 2.Available with metering unit 3.High reliability and personal safety 4.Minimum required space for installation 5.Cost effective and maintenance-free 6.Automation (Optional)

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