Baeedinejad: Iran to become region’s transportation hub soon

 Baeedinejad: Iran to become region’s transportation hub soon

London, March 7, IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to London Hamid Baeedinejad underlined that Iran will soon become a transportation hub given the launching of north-south and east-west corridors.

The Iranian envoy made the remarks addressing a conference themed ‘Iran and New Silk Road’ in London on Tuesday.

“Iran will soon become region’s transportation hub,” Baeedinejad said.

He reiterated that Iran has always been one of the most important elements of linking the west to east and vice versa.

The Iranian ambassador pointed to Iran’s strategic and geopolitical status in the region, and said, “Iran was one of the main elements for confronting Nazism during the Second World War and the weapons were sent to former Soviet Union via Iran to be used in the fight against Hitler.”

Baeedinejad also pointed to trilateral agreement between Iran, Russia and Azerbaijanto launch transport corridor from northern Iran to its southern parts, and said, “This corridor will make possible the transportation of shipments from Northern Europe to Indian peninsula via railway system.





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